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Originally scheduled for November 19 to 21, 2015, the 5 th edition of the festi Poster40x60_4-01val childhoods in the world had to be postponed because of the attacks in Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis. The International Catholic Child Bureau, organizer of the festival, joins in the sorrow of all those who are grieving.

The security measures taken by the cinema and by the rectorate of Paris concerning school audiences, an important audience for this event, BICE has postponed the Children’s Festival in the world to January 28 and 29, 2016 .

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The 2015 Youth Prize was awarded by Geneviève Avenard, Defender of Children, to the film Toto et ses sœurs by Alexander Nanau.


List of documentaries viewed:

Toto and his sisters by Alexander Nanau

Toto is a toto-and-his-sisters9-year-old Roma boy who lives in the Bucharest ghetto with his sisters. Their mother in prison, Toto will learn to read, write and be passionate about hiphop in order to escape the drug environment in which he finds himself immersed in spite of himself.

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This is my land by Tamara Erde

How is history This is my landtaught in the schools of Israel and Palestine? Through portraits of teachers trapped in their subjectivity and disenchanted students, the film reveals the walls that are erected in the minds of younger generations.

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The backward class by Madeleine Grant

A The backward classnative pension of excellence where young untouchables continue their studies to gain access to prestigious universities. Their goal: to get their families out of poverty. This film follows the 1 st class of students getting ready to spend the equivalent of the tray.

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The mask you live in by Jennifer Siebel Newsom

How to The mask you live inbecome oneself as a man in a country, like the United States, where the cult of warlike or stoic masculinity is implacably imposed from an early age? How then can you be able to manage your emotions when you are not supposed to have them?

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Every last child by Tom Roberts

Polio is in a worrying outbreak in Pakistan due to the Every-last-childTaliban ban on childhood vaccines. Parents, worried about the risks that vaccination could have on their children, are not all convinced of this necessity that the WHO tries to advocate.

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I am Kuba from Ase Svenheim-Drivenes

Kuba’s parents left Poland to find work abroad, leaving him to take care I-am-kuba --- Breakfastof his 8-year-old brother on his own for months. The young teenager begins to go wrong, forcing his mother to take him with her to Austria. A dive into the reality of these “Euro-orphans”.

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The take from Jean-Cosme Delaloye

The film reports on the lucrative business of child abduction and trafficking that has spread LA_PRENDA_Karin @ JCDE-TIPIMAGESwith relative impunity in Guatemala, one of the most violent countries in the world. Even if the relatives pay the demanded ransom, the victim can be tortured and killed. (photo credit © JCDE-TIPIMAGES)

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Dan Reed’s Tsunami Children

A year Les enfants du tsunami - Children wear masks in playground at Fukushima schoolafter the tsunami disaster in Japan, Dan Reed met young survivors aged 6 to 10 who recount how they lost their classmates, loved ones, how they had to flee their irradiated home, why they can no longer play outside.

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Mama, I’m gonna kill you by Elena Pogrebizhskaia

In Russia, when parents fail or are absent, children are placed in Mama I'm gone kill you 4archaic and authoritarian institutions. This film follows some young adolescents whom the system considers disabled, probably abusively given their abilities.

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