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The festival took place from Thursday 20 November to Saturday, 22 Novem 10356306_723498707742293_4973470578123100900_nber 25th anniversary2014 on the occasion of 25 th anniversary of the Convention on Children’s Rights. For this event, the cinema les 7 parnassiens, in Paris, will have welcomed more than 1,000 schoolchildren!

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The 2014 Youth Prize was awarded by Olivier Duval, President of BICE, and David Groison, Editor-in-Chief of Phosphore Magazine, to Dieudo Hamadi’s film State Examination .

List of documentaries viewed:

Dieudo Hamadi State Exam

10665693_703793569712807_7684813976004940659_nThe story of a group of young Congolese who, unable to pay the “teacher’s premium”, are excluded from class. To obtain their secondary school leaving certificate, they rent a house in order to meet and help each other to revise their state exam (equivalent to the bac).

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On the way to school by Pascal Plisson

10670267_703793703046127_2650841361683287784_nThey come from Kenya, Morocco, India and Patagonia. Across the savannah, the mountains or the plains, these children travel between 4 and 22 km to get to school. Living in remote corners where roads and means of transport are almost non-existent, the path is made on foot or on horseback.

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Web Junkie by Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia

China web_junkieis the first country to recognize web addiction as a disease. This moving film takes place in a military hospital, in the suburbs of Beijing, which treats young web addicts.

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Tough love by Stéphanie Wang-Breal

10599223_703793776379453_8861637953064787564_nIn 2012, 250,000 American children were taken from their parents and placed in foster care. A decision for the good of the child? This heartbreaking film attempts to answer this delicate question through the story of a single father and a remarried young mother who fight to recover their parental rights.

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Waliden by Awa Traoré

T walidenhe traditional adoption practices in Mali are supposed to ensure a more or less lasting peace within siblings or between several clans, using the child as a pledge. The documentary raises the question of the universality of children’s rights when they come up against ancestral practices.

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The art of becoming by Hanne Phlypo and Catherine Vuylsteke

10007500_703793726379458_5201821826579831378_nBeing able to study, work and live in Europe is the goal that mobilizes all the energies of these three young people (Afghan, Guinean and Syrian). A strong and painful film on the very current theme of isolated undocumented minors.

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Sepideh, a sky full of stars by Berit Madsen

16-year-old Iranian Sepideh has a dream: to become an astronaut. She spends her free time observing sepidehthe stars and getting information. His idol: Anousheh Ansari, 1 st Iranian astronaut to go into space. But learning this science runs counter to Iran’s traditional and patriarchal values.

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Video game: Hell or heaven? by Steven Dhoedt

10405517_703793686379462_2101032241699793918_nIn South Korea, playing video games is no longer just a hobby: for some it is a profession. The documentary presents young professional video game players who, like top athletes, train for up to 12 hours a day and 350 days a year.

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Dancing in Jaffa by Hilla Medalia

At the end of an international couple dance career, Pierre Dulaine returned to Jaffa and decided to make his dream come true: to have Israeli and Palestinian children dance together in order to bring communities together.

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The Court of Babel by Julie Bertuccelli

1924388_703793606379470_3998738232708659190_nThe pupils of a reception class of a Parisian college were filmed during a school year. Non-French speaking, these teenagers aged 11 to 15 come from China, Latin America, Africa etc. They are united around a common goal: to learn French.

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Wang Bing’s Three Sisters of Yunnan

The 3 sisters of YunnanIn a hamlet in the mountains of Yunnan Province, a rural and isolated region, far from the development of large Chinese cities, three girls live alone. While their father has gone to town to look for work, 10-year-old Ying takes care of his younger sisters.

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Rich Hill by Tracy Droz Tragos

Rich Hill is a disaster-stricken small town of 1,400 inhabitants, deep in Missouri, USA, far from 3prosperous Great America. However, in Rich Hill as elsewhere, children are growing up despite the difficulties and their great precariousness.

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Wainting for august by Teodora Ana Mihai

waiting for augustHer mother left to work in Italy, Georgina, 15, takes care of her six brothers and sisters who remained in Romania. The film follows the siblings for six months punctuated by tears, the arrival of packages, Skype footage with the mother and moments of doubt when worried neighbors threaten to call social services.

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THE TRILOGY – Is Happiness Where We Expect It?

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  • The red carpet of Iosu Lopèz and Manuel Fernandez

The red carpet - 2The documentary, shot near Bombay, India, features 12-year-old Rubina, who starred in the movie Slumdog Millionaire , which took her to the Oscar red carpet. But since then, nothing has changed in his life. However, the little girl seems happy and shows us around her slum with a marveled look.

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  • The Queen by Manuel Abramovich

lareinaWe are witnessing the preparations for a little beauty queen in Argentina. The camera is fixed on her face but it is only her mother and her friends that can be heard, all excited at the idea of ​​the big night. Memi said nothing, her pain can be seen on her face.

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  • Space by Eléonor Gilbert

space_photo_1.jpgA schoolgirl in France, a little girl tells us about her dismay at what she considers to be an injustice. With the help of a diagram, she explains to us how the boys appropriate all the space of the playground. The documentary raises the issue of discrimination at school and more specifically sexism.

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