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2013-Poster40x60_OKThe 2013 edition of the Enfances dans le monde festival took place from November 20 to 22 at the 7 Parnassiens cinema and was sponsored by Marianne Denicourt. This actress is very interested in the rights of the child. She is also a director since she made a documentary in 2006 on an Afghan girl: “Nassima, a confiscated life”.

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That year, 2 films tied and won the 2013 Youth Prize: Blood Relative by Nimisha Mukerji and A mi lado by Jean-Cosme Delaloye.

List of documentaries viewed:

Fight like soldiers, die like Patrick Reed’s children

Kid behind barsAn unprecedented look at child soldiers, since it takes the point of view of someone who had them in his sights and was in theirs: General Dallaire who commanded the police force of the UN in Rwanda in 1994 (photo credit © Peter Bregg, White Pine Pictures)

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Hélène Milano’s black roses

Big and Little SistersThrough the words of 13 teenage girls living in the suburbs, a magnificent portrait of these black Roses emerges , as they define themselves: flowers that hide their femininity under the dark veil of social and cultural pressure.

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Twice victim (the second rape) of Hasse Johansson and Nicke Nordmark

Back girlIn Sweden, a teenage girl is sexually assaulted. Although the rapist, another high school student, is found guilty by the courts, everyone takes his side against the victim who is violently despised on social networks.

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American promise by Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson

Portraits of the two childrenFor 12 years, the directors turned their camera on their son and his boyfriend, in order to document their schooling at the very prestigious Dalton School. Explore the context of the academic achievement gap that continues to affect African American boys.

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Blood relative by Nimisha Mukerji

Poster ImageWe follow the struggle of a man who dedicated his life to children suffering from thalassemia (a disease that prevents growth and reduces their life expectancy), fighting at the same time against poverty, lack of parental education and bureaucracy. Kafkaesque of the Indian medical system. (photo credit © Nimisha Mukerji)

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A mi lado by Jean-Cosme Delaloye

Girl in whiteChureca (Nicaragua) is the largest open-air landfill in Central America. This film follows 3 overwhelming stories of people sorting waste in the landfill and asks the question of the parent-child bond in a most hostile context, haunted by disease, drugs and violence.

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The nomadic school of Michel Debats

Little girl in the classroomPreviously, the children of the “Guardians of the Taiga”, the Evenks, were sent as boarders to Russian schools where they lost their language and culture. The nomadic school moves to the rhythm of families. When not studying, children learn hunting techniques and evenk rituals.

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Well n ° 8 (Pit n ° 8) by Marianna Kaat

Well N┬ ° 8Since the fall of communism, the coal regions of Ukraine have been bankrupt and many children abandoned. Yura, 15, illegally works in disused mines to support her sisters.

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The Republic of the Children of Mélanie Favreau

La Florida is a « republic », located north of Bogota, whose 500 citizens are girls , the name given to street children in Colombia, who live in self-management, elect their mayor from among their peers and attend school. The film traces the 5 stages of the rehabilitation program that these 12 to 18 year old girls have to follow to become citizens of La Florida.

Mehrdad Oskouei’s last days of winter

In Tehran, on the eve of the Iranian New Year, the young detainees of the Shahre Ziba center kill time under the camera of the director Mehrdad Oskouei who was authorized to film them. Capturing tasty moments of imitation or role-playing live, the film creates a bond with children.

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Mercy mercy by Katrine Riis Kjaer

Mother and child close-upFor four years, the director follows a couple and the adoption process of two Ethiopian children whose parents are dying of AIDS. His story in pictures raises all the questions raised by international adoption, its possible abuses, as well as the claim of a « right to the child ».

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Inocente by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix

Innocent portraitInocente, 15, has only known the violence and promiscuity of homeless homes in San Diego where she has lived for 9 years with her brother and her alcoholic mother, always with the fear of being expelled from the country for lack of papers. A darkness that she conjures up with painting: pure colors drawn with full hands from the pot.

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Bakoroman by Simplice Ganou

Bakoroma, group in natureSimplice Ganou worked for a year in a reception center where young people from the streets of Ouagadougou can wash, do their laundry, take care of themselves and talk to adults. In contact with them day and night, he discovered a reality much more complex than one might think.

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