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The festival took place on November 19 and 20, 2012, at the cinema les 7 parnassiens. During these 2 days, young people and adults were able to attend the screening of striking films on very diverse situations experienced by children around the world and take part in round tables animated by speakers from various backgrounds (cinema, association, medical ). This second edition gathered more than 500 visitors.

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List of documentaries viewed:

Music by prudence by Roger Ross Williams

Music by PrudenceAffected by a severe physical handicap, Prudence Mabhena fought to be able to live her passion: the song. This film traces his story, his daily life, and that of his group Liyana.

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Los Herederos by Eugenio Polgovsky

In the very poor agricultural regions of Mexico, children help their parents to survive in a particularly precarious environment and thus find themselves caught, from an early age in the cycle of poverty. A film without any external commentary with a striking result.

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Strangers no more by Karen Goodman and Simon Kirk

A film as poignant as it is stimulating on the spectacular success of a public school in Tel Aviv which welcomes more than 40% of immigrant children.

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Waiting for superman by Davis Guggenheim

The film hit the headlines when it theatrically released in New York and Los Angeles. David Guggenheim discusses without complacency the serious failings of the American public education system which primarily penalize the children of the most disadvantaged populations.

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The glass house by Hamid Rahmanian

In the heart of Tehran, a day care center receives young adolescent girls who have broken up their families. Through their often tragic history, these young girls give us an unprecedented portrait of the underprivileged classes of the Iranian capital. Their astonishing liveliness and their energy to come out of it give the film a unique tone.

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15 years old, without papers, without parents

They are between 12 and 17 years old. They are Afghans or of African or Asian origin… To escape war and misery, they risked their lives to reach Europe and find themselves alone, without family, in a country whose reality is often far removed from the image. that they had.

Scoala nostra (our school) by Mona Nicoara and Miruna Coca-Cozma

Scoala nostraThe film follows over several years the efforts of a group of Roma children who hope to be able to integrate the Romanian public school, as part of a European initiative to end the segregation of which they have been victims for generations.

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La Llegada de Karla (The Arrival of Karla) by Koen Suidgeest

Karla's llegada19-year-old teenage mother Sujeylin Aguilar lives with her newborn baby in the public park in Managua (Nicaragua). Through the story of this birth, the film explores a very worrying theme, that of the emergence of a second generation of street children.

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Little heaven by Lieven Corthouts

In Ethiopia, in the center of Addis Abeda, there is an orphanage called Little Heaven. Lydia has just turned thirteen and learns that she has AIDS. A tender and fair film about the desire to live, exclusion and resilience.

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This is only the beginning of Jean-Pierre Pozzi and Pierre Barougier

During the nursery years, children from 4 to 5 years old experimented with setting up a workshop with a philosophical aim. These young children are discovering how to think for themselves with their own words, sometimes with an incredible civic spirit …

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The harvest by Roberto Romano

Each year, more than 400,000 children are employed in the United States to harvest fruits and vegetables. They are called Zulema, Perla or Victor, are from Latin America and sacrifice their childhood to help the survival of their family. The Harvest reveals a hidden side of America.

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In my mother’s arms by Mohamed and Atia Al Daradji

Iraq now has nearly a million orphans. In My Mother’s Arms immerses us in the daily life of about thirty of them that a man tries to protect from the violence of the street or of state orphanages.

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