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On the occasion of the World Day of the Rights of the Child, the International Catholic Office for Children is launching in Paris the 1 st edition of the documentary film festival entitled: Childhood in the world . The event, open to the general public, takes place at the 7 Parnassiens cinema. Its ambition is to show, through films often unseen in France, the lives of children whose human rights are fundamentally violated. Round tables with debates are also organized after certain screenings and a space for discussion remained open throughout the duration of the festival.

List of documentaries viewed:

War dance by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine

The Patongo camp in Uganda is home to tens of thousands of victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army who kidnap and use children as soldiers or sex slaves. Coming to realize this reality, the directors discover another: children who train tirelessly in the hope of winning the National Music Competition.

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The lost children of tranquility bay by Jean-Robert Viallet and Mathieu Verboud

At the Tranquility Bay Center in the United States, « problem » American adolescents are subjected to physical violence and brainwashing, intended to put them back on the right path. The directors show us unpublished testimonies of parents, and especially of young adolescents destroyed by this experience.

Which way home by Rebecca Cammisa

While a wall continues to build between the United States and Mexico, 100,000 people attempt illegal crossings each year, including 5% of children traveling alone. In this film, we follow several children, some of whom are only 9 years old, who seek to join a fantasized El Dorado regardless of the risks involved.

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We are not Jean-Pierre Thorn’s bike brands

The film traces the story of Bouba, a young man of Tunisian origin who entered France at 4 months with his family, at 12 years old became the real mascot of French Hip-Hop … and now inadmissible after having served a imprisonment. An emblematic and poignant illustration of a childhood in France in the neighborhoods.

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Lixin Fan’s last train home

Every winter, Chinese train stations are stormed by the 130 million migrants from the interior who return to their families for the New Year. We follow the daily lives of the Zhang and their children, who only see each other for a few days. year and no longer manage to establish a true family bond. An edifying story of childhoods sacrificed by globalization.

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Tobacco girl by Biljana Garvanlieva

Mumine, 14, lives in the high mountains of Macedonia. His family is Yoruk, a Turkish minority who arrived with the Ottomans 600 years ago. Since she was 9, she has worked with her brother in the tobacco plantations, the only source of income in the region. According to tradition, she is supposed to be « sold » for € 3000 to her future husband. But the teenager dreams of becoming a teacher.

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